t soft. Today I will not only eat your wine, but also eat you. Queen hands gently push the machine s chest, people naturally off each other s arms. Hate, if this is the king s ears, how can you let the house see people Road machine cold, he would not now the water of the water of the elders of the water on the eyes, not to mention he has made it clear that the queen today is not asking him to Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure eat wine, but the Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam cloth under the feast waiting for him, but he Without the slightest fear, and now the whole palace has been surrounded by him, I am afraid a fly can not.fly out. I am going to eat you today. Queen charming smile, eyes swept behind him hundreds of people. Adults, I only invite you to eat. Road machine is also a smile, said to the people behind You are waiting for me at the gate of the palace. Then put away the smile, eyes look directly to the queen continued how, see your battle you today to harm me Everything becomes quiet, the time is like a static in general, the queen s heart is also surprised Microsoft Certification a moment, immediately she continued to smile to open. Taoist adults say what, my house like you too late Delicious food is ready, adults please. Road machine laughed, a hugged demon queen, big step into the palace, but behind him four law enforcement, it touches go hand in hand. The queen was tightly in the arms.of the machine, her eyes also glanced over his side of the four law enforcement, then with her hand pointing to the front of a room.

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure