the king. You re too fat for your armor, Robert. Robert Baratheon took a long swallow of beer, tossed the empty horn onto his sleeping furs, wipedhis mouth with the back of CISM it exam his CISM hand, and said darkly, Fat Fat, is it Is that how you speak to yourking He let go his laughter, sudden as a storm. Ah, damn you, Ned, why are you al.ways right The squires smiled nervously until the king turned on them. You. Yes, both of you. You heard theHand. The king is too fat for his armor. Go find Ser Aron Santagar. Tell him Isaca Certification I need the breastplatestretcher. Now What are you waiting for The boys tripped over each other in their haste to be quit of the tent. Robert managed to keep astern face until they were gone. Then he dropped back into a chair, shaking with laughter. Ser Barristan Selmy chuckled with him. Even Eddard Stark managed a smile. Always, though, thegraver thoughts crept in. He could not help taking note of the two squires handsome boys, fair andwell made. One was Sansa s age, with long golden curls the other perhaps fifteen, sandy haired, witha wisp of a mustache and the emerald gre.en eyes of the qu

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